Starting my new blog

And shifting my blog from to Github

Posted by Ankush Chadda on 23 January, 2015

Hey All. As the post topic says , I am now shifting my blog from blogger to Github.

I have been blogging since college days. I first blogged on on 4th December, 2010. I like sharing technical difficulties I faced during my projects, or any other new things that I would be using them in future.

Since my homesite is on , so I have decided to host this blog to This is an obvious decision

Reasons to shift to Github

I have been thinking to do this from a long time. Ever since I first blogged , I have tried to make my blog look clean and impressive. Blogger themes are limited in number and are very Web 1.0. I dont see any new themes coming up, so I decided to use a new free theme from StartBootstrap, and give github a try.

I will slowly shifting all my posts here from blogger. I will either write a script to read the xml and create posts automatically or will select articles and copt them here one by one.

Conventions to follow here

Since this is a github blog, lot of automation that comes with Blogger or any Blogging engine will be lacking here.So I will follow some conventions to keep the work clean and as smooth as possible.

  • There is an index page which will lists the posts. So on making a new posts, an entry here is needed.
  • For adding a new post, use a base template - base.posts.html.
  • The posts name would be - dd-mm-yyyy-title.html and kept in the posts dir.
  • Images are to be kept in a single dir called img. This helps to reuse images if needed.

Happy blogging!!.